The drone is not taking off/flipping over!

Author: Test Test |

There might be a couple of reasons why your drone is not flying as usual. Please refer to the bullet points below:

  • Have you placed the drone’s propellers on their proper placements?
    • Each propeller will have a letter embossed on it that matches the motors of the drone. Please refer to the drone’s USER MANUAL for the correct placement of propellers.
  • Have you done the proper procedure on how to fly your drone?
    • The drone’s USER MANUAL will have the complete step-by-step procedure from setting up your drone to flying it. Please refer to the USER MANUAL if you think you may have missed a step.
  • Are there any foreign objects obstructing the drone’s propellers/propeller shafts?
    • If there are any obstructions on the drone’s machines/propellers, it might affect the propeller speed, thus directly affected flight capabilities.
  • Is there an obvious damage to the propellers?
    • If the propellers are obviously bent/broken, it will affect the drone’s flight capabilities.
  • If the troubleshooting steps above didn’t help with the flight issue, please contact our customer service.

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