My drone isn’t following my controller’s commands!

Author: Test Test |

If the drone is powering on properly but is not following your commands properly/completely, there might be something wrong with the controller. Please refer to the bullet points below:

  • Have you inserted fresh batteries on your controller?
    • If you haven’t changed batteries on your controller, please do so and make sure they’re rated at 1.5v.
  • Have you synced the drone and the controller properly?
    • Before the drone follows your command, it needs to be synced to the controller properly. Please refer to the drone’s USER MANUAL for the complete step-by-step procedure on how to sync your drone to your controller.
  • Have you fully-charged your drone?
    • Moving away from controller issues – if you haven’t fully-charged the drone, it may affect its flight capability. Please charge the drone as per the USER MANUAL.
  • If the troubleshooting steps above didn’t help with the controller issue, please contact our customer service.

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