The propellers are not spinning!

Author: Test Test |

There may be a couple of factors on why your drone’s propellers are not spinning. Please refer to the bullet points below:

  • Have you synced the drone and the controller properly?
    • Without syncing the drone and the controller, the drone motors won’t spin. Please refer to the drone’s USER MANUAL for the proper procedure on how to sync the drone to the controller.
  • Have you fully-charged the drone?
    • If the drone isn’t charged enough, its lights will keep blinking even after syncing, thus the motors not being able to spin. Please charge the drone as the USER MANUAL’s instructions.
  • Are there any foreign objects obstructing the drone’s propellers/propeller shafts?
    • If there are any obstructions on the drone’s machines/propellers, it might affect the propeller speed, thus directly affected flight capabilities.
  • Have you swapped out the controller’s batteries to fresh one’s?
    • Nearly drained-out batteries may affect the syncing process. Try to swap the batteries out for fresh ones, and make sure they’re rated at 1.5v.
  • Have you tried auto-starting the drone?
    • Please refer to the drone’s USER MANUAL for auto-starting the drone’s motors.
  • Have you inserted the propellers correctly?
    • Ensure that the propellers are not loose. Re-seat the propellers, and/or change to a new set if needed.
  • If the troubleshooting steps above didn’t help with the motor issues, please contact our customer service.

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