The Truck keeps disconnecting from my controller!

Author: Test Test |

If the truck keeps cutting off from the remote, it might be due to your location, or the batteries.

  • Are you using the RC truck in a small room, or indoors?
    • If you’re trying to use the RC truck within a closed space, it may affect the connection. Move to a larger, open area or outdoors.
  • Have you installed fresh batteries on the controller?
    • The batteries on the controller may be drained already. Try to change them to new/fresh ones and make sure they’re rated at 1.5v.
  • Have you fully charged the RC truck battery?
    • The RC Truck’s battery requires a certain amount of charge to keep it connected with the controller. Please make sure that you fully charge the RC truck battery before use.
  • If the troubleshooting steps above didn’t help with the syncing issue, please contact our customer service.

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