I have technical concern about my drone. How do I get help?

Author: Test Test |

You may contact our customer service. In order to get the best help as possible via our customer service channels, please prepare the following:

  • The FCC ID of your drone
    • This can be found either on the drone’s box or printed on the drone’s body itself. It can also be found printed on the drone’s controller.
  • The specific issue of the drone
    • Please take note of the specific issue of the drone and provide details on what/when/where/how it happened.
  • A photo of the purchase receipt
    • If possible, please be ready for a photo of the drone’s purchase receipt for us to verify its warranty eligibility.
  • A video demonstrating the drone’s issue
    • Take a video of the drone’s issue so customer service will have a better understanding on what needs to be done to resolve the issue.
  • Your shipping details and phone number
    • Providing us your shipping details and phone number will make us ready for a replacement order once needed.

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